13th Dance & Non-verbal Theatre Festival San Vincenti
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Laura Aris Alvarez: POWER SOURCES workshop

Laura Aris Alvarez: POWER SOURCES workshop

21. - 23.7., 10 – 14 hours, Mediterranean Dance Center San Vincenti
LAURA ARIS ALVAREZ (ES): POWER SOURCES, workshop for professional dancers

Along with the program of performances, this year at the San Vincenti festival, we have organized a 3 day workshop for professional dancers, POWER SOURCES by Laura Aris Alvarez. See below to find out more about the workshop, fees and possibilities of finding accommodation during workshop and festival!

about the workshop: As a teacher I would like to share my believes, thoughts, tips and accumulated experiences to inspire and encourage others to go forwards with its own paths. I use different exercises and lead improvisations to offer tasks that help participants improve awareness and access playful bodies, intuition, and instinctive motion. Attention to specific technicalities and detailed work is an important part of my approach, as well. We are all vulnerable, we all have the strength and the fragility, living with both emotions is imperative to be genuine and live in a balanced way. Starting from these premises and from our physicality and contact work, looking for those creative impulses that, once released, offer new possibilities. We will observe how sometimes the extremes maintain a balanced tension, that tension attracts attention and sometimes silence speaks. From intuition and instinctive movements but also working the detail,a technical part that studies physical mechanisms that allow us to explore limits, protecting the body at the same time. Slowly some theatrical inputs, through a specific energy and clear images will give meaning to the movements and will help us to embody the tasks proposed rather than just learn and execute steps.

about laura: Laura has been leading contemporary dance workshops worldwide since 2001. She was a formal dancer of Ultima Vez/Wim Vandekeybus for a decade (1999-2008). Previously she was part of Lanònima Imperial and associated with General Elèctrica artists collective, in Spain. Currently she combines her pedagogical skills with the creation and tour of her performances, collaborations and commissioned dance projects.



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