13th Dance & Non-verbal Theatre Festival San Vincenti
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Produced by:
Zagreb Dance Company
Hebrangova 36
10000 Zagreb, Croatia
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author and choreographer: Martina Nevistić

dancers: Petra Chelfi, Ivana Pavlović, Martina Nevistić

visual design: Dora Đurkesac, Ivan Lušičić

recording and photography: Neven Petrović

music and sound design: Višeslav Laboš featuring Jeff Duke

technical support: Saša Bogojević

costumes: Nina Tarnovski/ NTS Sportswear

design: Saša Bastaić

Event Horizon gives us a glimpse into the surreal world of androgynous beings, which is both very familiar and intimate world at the edge of perception. Event Horizon deals with the transformation of space, time and body, creating an atmosphere of another dimension, a world which is far away and close at the same time. It stages the link between the micro-cosmos of one unit, one inner world, and other units in their interaction, thus creating a bigger, wider picture of universe.

Martina Nevistić was born 1983 in Zagreb. She is a dance maker, performer, teacher and producer. She is the founder of O.N.E. Art Company, through which she presents her auctorial works in the field of performing arts and multimedia. She completed the MA in organization and management at the Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Zagreb, and graduated at Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance (SEAD), Austria. She participated at two international programs, Nomad Dance Academy (2009) and Communicating dance (2014-2015). From 2009 till 2017 she was a member of Zagreb Dance Company. Since November 2016, Martina is the program director of Zagreb Dance Center.

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