13th Dance & Non-verbal Theatre Festival San Vincenti
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Produced by:
Zagreb Dance Company
Hebrangova 36
10000 Zagreb, Croatia
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Designed, choreographed and performed by : Martina Nevistić
Visual design: Dora Đurkesac, Ana Vuzdarić
Original music and sound design: Višeslav Laboš
Music support: Maja Posavec
Costume desginers: Kristina Bangoura, Martina Nevistić
Support: Ivana Pavlović
Lighting design and documentation: Luka Matić
Text for the programme booklet: Rona Žulj
Design: Saša Bastaić
PR: Amela Pašalić, Nina Križan
Organization: Nina Križan, Martina Nevistić
Production: O.N.E.
Co-production: DOMINO/ Festival "Perforacije", HIPP/ Zagrebački plesni centar

Realized with the support: Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia, Zagreb City Office for Culture, Education and Sport, Domino Association / “Perforations” Festival, HIPP, Zagreb Dance Company

Luna Malekova is a solo designed by Martina Nevistić. Luna Malekova is a character as well, maybe even alter ego, and certainly a synonym for another world, another dimension, the world of imagination and the world of dreams. Through dance and multimedia, this project reaches for different fields of art to evoke the surreal world of Luna Malekova. Luna is a creature that tells stories, or does she speak at all? She is a creature that is present and absent at the same time; she is a daydreaming embodiment of what is spontaneous, direct, natural, simple, uninhibited and unrestrained. And as the music continues when the dance is over, it creates the atmosphere of the surreal world. The duality of the visible and the invisible, comprehensible and incomprehensible, regular and irregular, real and surreal is consistent with the concept of the “expanding space”, producing associative and non-associative series. Through this multi-media project, in her recognizable style Martina Nevistić once again questions the relation between the performer and the viewer, the meanings written into the body, and their perception on multiple levels.

Martina is an author, performer, teacher. She is the founder of O.N.E., artistic company through which she studies performing arts and multimedia. She graduated in organization and management in Zagreb and in dance from the Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance (SEAD), Austria. Her work has been supported by HIPP/ Zagreb Dance Center and DOMINO Association/ Perforations Festival. She is a dancer and a member of the artistic council of the Zagreb Dance Company. She is also teaching professional classes in Croatia and abroad.

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