13th Dance & Non-verbal Theatre Festival San Vincenti
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Produced by:
Zagreb Dance Company
Hebrangova 36
10000 Zagreb, Croatia
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Choreographer: Bruno Pradet
Dancers: Christophe Brombin, Lucille Daniel, Céline Debyser, Jules Leduc, Thomas Regnier, Claire Vuillemin, Loriane Wagner
Composer and arranger: Yoann Sanson
Music: Nicolas Barrot, Rossini, Carnaval de Dunkerque…
Lighting designer: Vincent Toppino
Costumes: Laurence Alquier
Supported by: ADAMI, SPEDIDAM, Théâtre d’Auxerre, Théâtre des 3 ponts à Castelnaudary, Espace culturel de Ferrals les Corbières, Chai du Terral à Saint Jean de Védas, le Bateau Feu – Scène nationale de Dunkerque, CCN de Roubaix, Le Gymnase CDC de Roubaix, Service culturel de Wambrechies, La salle 3 à Montpellier, Studio Danse Création à Marcq-En-Barœul, Arts Vivants 11
The Vilcanota company is supported by DRAC, Région Occitanie and the City of Montpellier

People what people? is a show made by people for people. In it, Bruno Pradet invents a world without machines and sets; there are no props, and the only visible movement is that of the dancers' bodies. The male and female bodies linked by an unwavering common pulse form a compact group whose internal geography constantly dissolves and rearranges. One image follows another, before being erased in a kaleidoscopic process conjuring up a world turned upside-down by the tremors of the hearts at the end of their tether, a world going round in circles just like the brilliant lights projected onto the stage; dragging the chorus into a giddy whirlwind, the symbol of a planetary system that has lost its mind. In this singular universe, the bodies vibrate inventing their own language to relate to each other and create ritual dances, uncertain whether their intention is to make us laugh or cry. People what people is constructed like a musical score, with the accent on “resonance” rather than on “reason”. Backed by a captivating electro-acoustic score and punctuated by invigorating fanfares reminiscent of country fairs and military bands, the dance of this small community delivers in its pin-point precision a powerful and searing message which is difficult to put into words.

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