13th Dance & Non-verbal Theatre Festival San Vincenti
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Produced by:
Zagreb Dance Company
Hebrangova 36
10000 Zagreb, Croatia
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Koreografkinja i izvođačica / Concept, choreography, dance: Sabine Molenaar

Glazba / Music: Jochem Baelus

Oblkovanje svjetla / Light design: Marcel Slagter

Produkcija / Production: Sandman

Distribucija / Tour management: Kosmonaut and DansBrabant

Koproducenti / Co-producers: A Moment je dio Keuze 2 inicijative Krisztine de Châtel, nastale u koprodukciji De Châtel sur Place, Dansateliersa i DansBrabanta. Posebna hvala Krisztini de Châtel / A Moment is part of Krisztina's Keuze 2, an initiative of Krisztina de Châtel, co-produced by De Châtel sur Place, Dansateliers and DansBrabant. Special thanks to Krisztina de Châtel

Every day, we are exposed to a never-ending blast of information and impressions. Sometimes it would be good to put this never-ending flow of stimuli on hold, if only for a little while, so one could catch their breath and feel their own heartbeat again. What would happen if we could withdraw from the turmoil of the outside world and enter a timeless and boundless inner world? Moving further from reality and towards that dark place, where shelter and true peace of mind await, could be so attractive. Yet chaos and disorientation may also lurk in that shadowy universe.

In this powerful solo, which is a part of of the solo full performance Almost Alive, Sabine Molenaar invites you to experience images that exist only behind your eyelids and to enter a state of disorientation, but also of safety and calm.

"Sabine uses her body in wonderful, alienating and scary ways and is very theatrical. This can be disquieting at times but also very intriguing."

“Sabine Molenaar brings beauty and madness together in a way that fascinates and sends shivers down your spine.”

„Sabine Molenaar‘s works are a whirlwind of provocative imagery, tantalizing storylines and non-linear structures.“

„An example of complete control. This is what A moment, a dance solo by Sabine Molenaar, is. She composes her body in complex twists and folds. Not to become a greaseman, or a circus act, but to transform fully into a hypersensitive, delightful, constant shifting human sculpture. As a consequence of bizarre perspectives, the idea of a body disappears, but at the same time the images remain humane and personal, an outcome of her introverted state of mind.“

Sabine Molenaar is an artist based in Brussels and working with performance and film. She founded her company Sandman in 2012 in Brussels. Sandman has so far produced three physical theatre performances, That’s it (2013), Touch me (2015), and A Moment (2017), a short adjusted version of Almost Alive, and three experimental short dance films: Wish her ill (2012), That’s it (2013) and Kali (2016). The first solo performance, That’s it, won a major award at the ACT festival in Bilbao (SP), as well as the prize for the best female talent at the Theater Aan Zee Festival in Oostende (BE) and a Special Mention award at BeFestival in Birmingham (UK). A Moment was selected as one of the Aerowaves Twenty artists in 2018.

Sabine graduated from the Fontys Hogeschool voor de Kunsten in Tilburg and then from the Modern Theatre Dance at the Amsterdamse Hogeschool voor de Kunsten. In Amsterdam she co-founded the dutch company Instant Collective. After moving to Brussels she worked with Peeping To’, JOJI inc and Speedbattle Collective.

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