13th Dance & Non-verbal Theatre Festival San Vincenti
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Zagreb Dance Company
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Sabine Molenaar: BODY AS A STATE OF MIND

Sabine Molenaar: BODY AS A STATE OF MIND

During 2 days, Sabine Molenaar will offer different tools of improvisation and composition which she uses in her own creation process. Mostly starting by using visualisation and breath to connect the mind and body and stimulate the imagination, to create a nourishing ground for researching state of mind and physical quality. This workshop will serve in two ways; sharing her practice and being a play and research ground for Sabines upcoming productions.

With her company Sandman, Sabine Molenaar creates imaginative performances in which the associative logic of dreams rules. The world she creates is wonderfully unusual, but always recognizable. Sabine develops her performances from a specific state of mind. The body, in which she combines supreme mental, physical and emotional concentration, is her tool and gives her characters and associations profoundness and expressiveness. She connects the concrete and the etheric. The body is the point of departure and compassion: painfully virtuous and mercilessly personal.

Find out more about Sabine Molenaar following the link sandmandance.com

This workshop is for professional dancers/circus artists or physical performers. Number of participants is limited so be fast and apply!

Early Bird Registration fee - 300,00 kn (40 EUR) - valid until July 5th

Registration fee after July 5th
- FOR 2 DAYS: 400,00 kn (54 EUR)
- FOR 1 DAY: 200,00 kn (27 EUR)

HOW TO APPLY: please send an e-mail with subject "Sabine Molenaar Workshop" to the following address: petra@svetvincenatfestival.com.
In the e-mail please send: your first & last name, address, tax number, phone number.
After your e-mail, we will reply with information about payment and any other information you are interested in. Feel free to ask!

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