13th Dance & Non-verbal Theatre Festival San Vincenti
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Produced by:
Zagreb Dance Company
Hebrangova 36
10000 Zagreb, Croatia
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Koncept / Concept: Clément Layes

Izvođači / Performers: Dina Ekštajn, Ana Vnučec, Stevie Koglin / Šimun Stankov

Umjetnička podrška / Artistic support: Pravdan Devlahović

Oblikovanje svjetla / Light design: Bojan Gagić

Kostimi / Costume design : Ana Savić-Gecan

Asistentica kostimografkinje / Assistant Costume designer: Ozana Gabriel

Scenografija / Set design: Jonas Maria Droste, Clément Layes

Produkcija / Production: Studio za suvremeni ples u koprodukciji sa Platformom HR, u suradnji sa ZKM-om, uz podršku Cie Public in Private / Contemporary Dance Studio in co-production with Platforma HR and collaboration with Zagreb Youth Theatre, with the support of Cie Public in Private

Umjetnička voditeljica / Artistic director: Bosiljka Vujović-Mažuran

Producent/Producer: Branko Banković

Produkcijska podrška/Production Support: Koraljka Begović

Uz potporu / Supported by: Gradski ured za kulturu Grada Zagreba, Ministarstvo kulture RH/Zagreb City Office for Culture, the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia

In An Artist for Emergency Interventions, Clément Layes tackles the question of how to maintain the necessary sensibility and differentiate artistic impulse from imposed values, when faced with the imperative to succeed, in a culture that doesn’t tolerate mistakes and failures. How does the society shape an artist, if it doesn’t let them learn and grow from their own mistakes? If an artist doesn’t have the right to make a mistake or an experiment with an uncertain result, does that make art uniform? How is the success of an art project measured? Is art still art if an artist strives to meets the requirements for a desirable art product? Can an artist in such circumstances develop a critical approach to their work and to the society in which they create and are created by? Where is the artist’s responsibility in all of that? An artist for emergency interventions must therefore learn to cope with failure, because failure makes them face their own achievements and efforts, leads them towards alternative options and offers them a possibility to redefine themselves. Art happens only when we leave our comfort zone, in constant deconstruction and reconstruction, in subtle changes which generate a shift in meaning, a shift in overall perception. Ivana Slunjski
Choreographer and performer Clément Layes lives and works in Berlin, where he has co-founded Public in Private company with Jasna L. Vinovrški. Bordering between choreography, visual arts and philosophy, his works are observations on daily life and performed internationally: Allege (2010), Der grüne Stuhl (2012), Things that surround us (2012), dreamed apparatus (2014) and TITLE (2015). In October 2017, Layes premiered The Eternal Return at Sophiensæle in Berlin. This group piece is the first choreographic work of a new series, in which Layes deals with the manifestations and mechanics of rhythm.
Studio - contemporary dance company is the first contemporary dance ensemble in Croatia, founded in Zagreb in 1962. Through numerous productions, co-productions and collaborations with artists from different backgrounds, the Studio gains new knowledge, changes and shapes itself. In more than 55 years of its continuous activity on Croatian and international scene, it has produced an enviable number of dance projects through which generations of exceptional dancers, teachers and choreographers have been formed. Always ready for new challenges and new forms of collaboration with artists from different fields, Studio remains uncompromising, unpredictable and fresh. Its numerous awards include several awards of the Croatian Association of Dramatic Artists and the 2012 Croatian Dancers Association award for 50 years of existence.
Public in Private researches, reflects and questions social, political and cultural structures, as well as the position of an individual within those structures. The aim of this collaborative approach is primarily to further develop choreography as a contemporary art form, broaden the borders of choreographic language and encourage an intriguing, different way of thinking, perceiving and reflecting about choreographic and other media.
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