13th Dance & Non-verbal Theatre Festival San Vincenti
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Produced by:
Zagreb Dance Company
Hebrangova 36
10000 Zagreb, Croatia
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Autor i izvođač / Direction and performance: Pere Faura

Vizualno oblikovanje / Visual design: desilence studio

Oblikovanje svjetla / Light design: Israel Quintero

Tehničar na turnejama / Touring technician: Guillem Gelabert

Scenografija /Set design: Jordi Queralt

Suradnice za pokret /Movement advisers: Amaranta Velarde, Claudia Solwat

Glazba / Music: Arturo Castillo, Lena Mandotter, Jorge Drexler, Mistress Barbara, Pete Llderton

Glas nevidljivog komentatora / Voiceover: Michael Heart

Oblikovanje zvuka / Sound design: Ramón Ciércoles

Oblikovanje glazbe /Musical assembly: Arturo Castillo

Kostimografkinja / Costume designer: Txell Janot

Autori tekstova / Performance texts: Pere Faura, Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker

Producent /Touring production: Blanc Produccions

Distributer / Distribution: Art Republic

Koproducenti / Co-producers: La Comédie de Valence, CDN drômeardèche (FR), Mercat de les Flors / El Graner (BCN), Fundació Catalunya – La Pedrera (BCN)

Uz potporu / Supported by: La Poderosa (BCN), Ca l’Estruch (BCN), Departament de Cultura de la Genrealitat de Catalunya (CAT)

No dance, no paradise – a personal embodiment of dance history - is a dance project about and around dance. Through the use of four well renowned iconic choreographies of dance history (Gene Kelly in „Singing in the Rain“, John Travolta in „Saturday Night Fever“, Russian ballerina Maya Plisetskaya in the scene of dying swan, and Anne Terese de Keersmaeker in „Rosas danst Rosas“), as well as part of his own dance history, Pere Faura proposes their re-embodiment and re-contextualization as a historical and symbolic gesture of recognition and admiration, as well as an exercise of humorist self-criticism about the dance world and its references. A choreographic collage of four emblematic solo works imprinted in one unique body that performs part of the collective memory of dance in order to unfold reflections about the need, the influence or the absurdity of dance in the present moment.
„No dance, no paradise doesn’t pretend to be a mere multidisciplinary explosion, although it combines different languages. It does not want to become a banal celebration of the diversity in dance, although it displays different choreographic realities. No dance, no paradise is a theatrical collage of four iconic choreographies that are part of my references as a dancer and maker, in the same way they are part of the collective imaginary. It is a structured and rehearsed orgy of what for me is very personal, but at the same time completely universal. And it is in this dialogue between the private and the common, between my influences and your memories, between my sweat and your gaze, that I propose to place these four historical choreographies on the same level, without giving any importance to the stupid separation between popular and high culture.“ Pere Faura
Pere Faura (Barcelona, 1980) graduated from the School for New Dance Development in Amsterdam in 2006. His graduation performance won the ITS Festival Award and was selected for the DansClick tour around the Netherlands. After graduation Faura did his residence as a choreographer in Frascati Theatre, also in Amsterdam. In 2009 he was awarded the prestigious Charlotte Köhler Prize. Having obtained an MA in choreography in 2011, Faura returned to Barcelona, where he continued his work in collaboration with several dance centres. In 2017 he became resident choreographer of Mercat de les Flors in Barcelona. Faura is well known for his multi-disciplinary choreographies which incorporate elements of pop culture.
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