13th Dance & Non-verbal Theatre Festival San Vincenti
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Produced by:
Zagreb Dance Company
Hebrangova 36
10000 Zagreb, Croatia
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Koreograf / Choreographer: Jesύs Rubio Gamo

Izvođači / Performers: Clara Pampyn, Alberto Alonso

Asistent koreografa / Assistant to the choreographer: Jorge Brea

Oblikovanje svjetla / Light design: Carmen Martínez

Kostimograf / Costumes: Naldi Fernandes

Glazba / Music: Maurice Ravel

Uz potporu / Supported by: Centro Cultural Conde Duque, Coreógrafos en Comunidad, Estudio de Danza Carmen Senra, Centro de Danza Canal, Comunidad de Madrid.

BOLÉRO is a dance piece about tenacity. It explores the frontier between lightness and gravity and the fine line separating pleasure and exhaustion.
Bold and self-confident, two dancers enter the stage. Ravel’s Boléro begins. As the music evolves, so does their relationship. At first, their moves are fluent and rapturous. There is a love story going on. But it gets tougher. They start pushing themselves to the extreme, with a lot of energetic flow, frequent rotation, and repetition, turning themselves into a dancing perpetuum mobile. They get angry, confused, sad. And then exhausted, stressed out, tired. The smooth transition from the soft body moves to the vigorous burnout unfolds in front of our eyes. Over and over again. Coinciding with Ravel’s instruction to finish Boléro’s interpretation as loudly as possible, this choreographic poem leads dancers to the overwhelm. They want to quit, but there is no giving up. If one lags, the other one lifts the enthusiasm up. They seem unbeatable together. And yet so fragile. Constant movement is what is keeping them on track. Can they go beyond their limitations? Could we all surpass ourselves?
BOLÉRO is a true hymn to dance and movement, a fight against time, to the point of breaking.
«The work of Jesús Rubio Gamo has seductive and riveting energy. His duet Boléro presents two dancers relentlessly pushing each other through fatiguing routines far beyond Ravel's intensifying march of repetition. May it be a metaphor of a couple or an entire people's will to endure and get out on the other side of the crisis.» Weekendavisen, Copenhagen
Jesús Rubio Gamo is an independent dancer and choreographer based in Madrid. After studying ballet and contemporary dance and graduating from the Royal School of Dramatic Art, Jesús was awarded a MAE-AECI grant for further education in a foreign country. He moved to London where he obtained an MA in choreography at London Contemporary Dance School. He also holds an MA in Performative Studies from Museo Nacional de Arte Reina Sofía in Madrid. His works have been presented at national and international Festivals, in museums, at non conventional spaces and in the streets. His last two pieces, Boléro - a short duet to the well-known score by Maurice Ravel, and Now, Before We Get Too Old - a solo that was premiered at Festival Danza_MOS Conde Duque in Madrid, have been selected for Aerowaves 2017 and 2018. Jesús keeps working on the ideas behind his Boléro to create a longer work for 12 dancers, that will be premiered at Teatros del Canal in Madrid in 2019.
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